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Our mantra as a leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Udaipur is to make your social channels appear human. Do they have a character, do they make interesting conversations, are they relatable, are they reachable for queries & more?

Firstly, What Does A Social Media Marketing Agency Do?

Social media marketing agencies use strategies & tactics on social media platforms to deliver a communication storyline to your prospective customers in order to build more awareness (top of the funnel) for your products and/or service offerings.

Let’s break it down a bit: your social media agency can deliver a branding outcome or a performance outcome or both!

There are social media agencies who strategise and design creative campaigns, write copies, create design elements, and post them on the brand’s behalf on their social media channels, to establish two-way communication with the followers/fence-sitters of the brand’s social media handles. So far, the KPIs include – reach, impressions, engagement & follower growth. This is a branding outcome.

And then there are agencies who go a bit further and use social media advertising to drive ad campaigns, create landing pages and define audience targeting groups (aka ad groups), and deliver a measurable KPI in terms of top-line sales or leads for the brand (middle & bottom of the funnel). This is a performance outcome. Hence, certain social media agencies also call themselves performance marketing agencies.

WeboClimb is a social media marketing agency in Udaipur  offering both brandings as well as performance outcomes for businesses like yours.

Why Do Social Media Marketing In The First Place? Is It A Wise Investment?

There’s a lot of doubt in the startup & enterprise ecosystem on whether or not a brand should consider investing money in social media marketing. Especially because of two major reasons:

a. Extremely limited reach with <1% of your following able to receive the content you post

b. Heavy operational involvement is required from the brand side to create really successful campaigns

Both are extremely valid reasons and to be honest, thus, investing in a social media agency is NOT for everyone. The answer would depend on what stage of the business you are in.

Why Choose WeboClimb As Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

There are so many social media marketing agencies in Udaipur. If you were to hire one, what would you really use to judge them? The obvious answers include – past work, the scope of work & pricing. As a social media agency, we feel there’s a lot more to this. One key factor is processing. That’s because social media marketing is a super collaborative effort. It involves talent from multiple verticals like – social media executives, copywriters, strategists, graphic designers, motion graphic designers, creative directors, and more to all work together in tandem with a crystal clear clarity on what we want to try and achieve for the brand in say 6 months or 12 months. Apart from that, collaboration leads to dependencies, which leads to delays and that leads to compromise in the quality and thus last-minute iterations and painful last-minute deliveries to clients.

So as a social media marketing agency, we did the obvious things first like – fixing up a great scope of work, hiring the best talent we could, keeping a competitive price for our clients, and building a great portfolio of the work we’d in the past and invested in the world’s best social media analytics tool. But apart from that, where we really bring a stark difference is our investment in the processes. We use project management tools to come together on the same page, and assign tasks, we have internal processes like ‘Sharktank’ where people pitch their campaign ideas and are evaluated by our directors, and we’ve established ground rules of what a good social media project should look like.

We’re so proud that we’ve had the opportunity to work on some very interesting clients like RBL Bank, Crossword Bookstores, The Art of Living, Meal of the Moment, Raskik, Flexiloans and so many more, where this stark difference in processes brought out amazing results which got great reach & engagement and are regularly featured in the top social media communities on Instagram & Linkedin.

Need help in evaluating your existing agency’s work? We offer audit & consulting services too.

How Can We Help With Social Media Marketing For Your Company In Udaipur?

While it sounds easy to create content and post it on social media, a good marketing plan involves a lot more research than that. The competition on social media is cut-throat which makes it extremely important to study and analyze what others are doing as well. Developing strategies that beat the competition and creating the unique identity that helps you rise above the competitor is essential among the other research requirements.

Before you look out for a suitable social media agency in Udaipur to manage this segment of your business, here are a few questions you must ask yourself. This will help you define your SMM goals:

What do you hope to achieve through this plan?

Who is your target audience?

Which platforms does your target audience usually hang out?

What message do you want to send them?

Why Choose Us

How Can A Social Media Marketing Agency Improve Your Brand’s Awareness?

SMM isn’t a trend that ‘needs’ to be followed by all. Know why you are getting on this path and what is your purpose. You can be in it for:

Building a great community

Building conversations

Creating a brand identity

Raising brand awareness

What Can We Do For You As Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

Sau baat ki ek baat… we’ll get you results. This involves creating campaigns that you’re proud of, let’s say if you saw it in your feed, you’ll share it with your peers and friends. And these campaigns will be measured using KPIs like reach, engagement & followers. These campaign ideas would be created from scratch using our team of copywriters, graphic designers, motion graphic artists, photo & videographers, and strategists. It would be unique and thought-through to deliver a key message to your customers.

Our ability to understand your customer personas, their psyche, and content habits are skills we’re super proud of as a social media marketing agency. We’ll also be doing a large competition study on a quarterly basis to help you be at peace with what your good ol’ neighbors are up to. Apart from great content ideas, we’ll help in the dissemination of these content ideas too. This will involve the use of influencer marketing , running giveaways and contests, creating AR filters, detailing an elaborate hashtag strategy, following the right trends and participating in moments, doing some memes too once in a while, and of course, using some nice peppy music wherever applicable. Also, we’re excellent with reputation management & customer engagement tactics too!

What Can We Do For You As Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

There are agency partners who’d charge you anywhere from Rs. 10K to Rs. 5L in Udaipur. The right way to understand the worth of this pricing is by understanding 3 things:

  1. The kind of talent that will be working on your project
    Feel free to get a list of all the people that will be involved in your brand from the agency side, in what quantity (man hours) every month, their experience and skill sets, and the KPIs they’re judged upon. This way you’ll be able to identify if the same social media executive is also writing the copy, designing on Canva, posting it, and strategising the social for you or if is there an expert for each of these things.
  2. The scope of work
    Number of social platforms that will be managed, number of content pieces, number of statics/videos/shoots, inclusion/exclusion of auxiliary activities like influencer marketing, AR filters & more
  3. The experience of the agency in doing good work
    The kind of work they have been doing in your space, or in general. Their thought process, design styles, and ability to break barriers/perspectives to bring a shift in the psyche of your audience.

We Don't Just Do Social Media

Weboclimb offers a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions to complement your social media strategy. Let us help you with

Logo Designing

Create a strong first impression with a professional and memorable logo.

Video and Animation

Grab attention and tell your brand story with impactful video content

Branding Solutions

Build a cohesive brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

How to Market on Social Media

Establish Your Business as a Topical Authority and Industry Leader

We Do This

  • Conduct extensive market research
  • Identify the appropriate social media marketing platforms
  • Analyze your audience behavior
  • Craft engaging content
  • Engage with your followers
  • Run targeted social media advertisements
  • Combine your marketing channels
  • Partner with industry influencers
  • Optimize your social media pages
  • Ensure brand consistency across platforms
  • Conduct A/B tests of your ad campaigns
  • Analyze campaign results
  • Optimize your social media campaigns based on analytics

Avoid This

  • Work without a social media marketing plan
  • Copy competitors’ social media marketing ideas that do not match your branding
  • Oversell your products and services
  • Measure the wrong metrics
  • Treat all social media marketing channels the same
  • Rely too much on automation
  • Buy followers
  • Use irrelevant hashtags
  • Keep silent on comment sections and threads
  • Cross-post on your social media accounts

WeboClimb Internet Marketing Agency maintains full transparency so you can see first-hand how our efforts are increasing your online revenue. Our commitment to effective social media management and marketing strategies creates a valuable network resource for your online marketing needs.

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